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I just tried it and as always in this MIDI routing nightmare …. I am nearly there, but something just fails with one function LOL.

I read that Ground Control Pro version 1.1 added a "Mirror" function where commands received on the "IN" are mirrored on the "OUT" so in theory it should work.

I tried my set up with the loop out of the eclipse back into the eclipse then using Thru out to the Axe-FX ….this is how I would like to use it at home for recording etc… ie be able to use it without the GCP….. this worked fine as hoped….yay!

then I hooked up the GCP and program changes worked as hoped but the MIDI Clock seemed to be filtered out for the Tap Tempo – boooooo! so it looks as though the eclipse seems to filter out the Tap tempo…. off to the Eclipse Forum to ask in there……