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I feel your pain, and I also wish these stompboxes allowed for a midi merge or allow the midi clock function to work when the midi out is set to thru and not just with midi out set to XMT.

I have tried to get a setup where i could control multiple Eventide stompboxes from a Ground Control (TF, PF, and hopefully Space soon).  Getting all devices to change programs was easy, getting hold and tap functions to work on the TF was simple, but I couldn't get the tap function on the TF to then allow the other boxes to 'slave' to that tempo.

After much trial and error, it doesn't look possible without the midi merge box, or you have to go back to ditching the ground control and use one of the stompboxes as your master pedal and utilze the true midi-daisychaining…..

these boxes sound great…..