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Eventide seems open to practical suggestions.  If there was enough demand, and it was technically possible, maybe a MIDI Merge option would be good one to consider.  That would certainly open up more possibilities in the MIDI controller area.  Bullet point for the sales pitch: "Now, total MIDI compatibility across ANY rig!".  Sell more pedals to the Gear Acquisition Syndrome crowd (like some of us here).  The other side of the coin is, "How many customers use MIDI – at all?"

Agreed, I think this would mae a lot of sense and ease some of the frustration MIDI causes.

I have been battleing to connect 3 MIDI devices (2 Eventide) to a controller …8 MIDI cables, 2 MIDI Merge boxes later…. I still am not quite sure that I am there!!

Not Eventide's fault, they are only working within the standards and MIDI…. which seems to have changed very little since they were originally developed in 1491 when Columbus wanted to connect 2 Lutes together for his up coming tour.

I wish there was a more uptodate standard for MIDI, something like MIDI over TCP/IP