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I already emailed support about my issues, but I thought I'd repost them here too:

Update problems using Snow Leopard:

I had some issues trying to update where it would freeze at the "getting ready for update" part, and I tried all of Eventides tips numerous times. I finally got it to work by letting the Update Utility start the update and put it in update mode, which then led to the freeze, I then cancelled it, but left the Timefactor in update mode, quit Update Utility, and went through the update process again and it went fine, until the very end when it froze at the last step "restarting the timefactor" or something. I then cancelled the update and the newest software was on my TF from looking at the TF's menu. So it looks like it went through, but it never "fully" completed it. For some reason if I manually put the TF in update mode Update Utility won't read it, but If I let the update process do it and restart the process, it works.

Bugs in new software:

The feedback knob on the tape delay says "slur" on the display but still controls the feedback, and the level meter only works 1/4 of the time.  I have to keep going in and out of it till it works.  I don't know if this was caused by the freeze at the end of the update that I encountered (that freeze happened last time I updated to a different software as well, about 3 months ago), or if it really is a bug in the software.