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Brock, yeah, I think this may be a difference between versions of Windows or maybe the Factor pedals. I haven't tried renaming PF presets in FactorLib yet, but they transfer correctly to the TF. The new name didn't appear until I changes presets once on the pedal, but they were there after that. They do have the Bank:Preset convention, though.

The Edit Console works for me with both the PF and TF. That is rather disconcerting that it's always greyed out on your system. It seems to always be available on mine as long as I have a Factor pedal hooked up, even if I don't have a file open in FactorLib. If I don't have a file open and a preset selected (so that it turns yellow), the "Get" button is gone, but I can still open the console from the View menu.

I have found that MIDI CLK OUT needs to be OFF when using FactorLib. That's kind of a PITA, but I can deal with it.

That's not terribly surprising about the changes to Depth/Key and Speed/Scale, but that doesn't make it any less of an inconvenience.

I've got more time tonight, so I should have some experiences to relate with the MF and Space later…