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Krcassid, what operating system are you using on your computer (Mac, Windows)? EdDrake makes reference to using Snow Leopard on a Mac, but I haven't had any related problems on my Win7 PC. Just wondering if this can be traced to a difference in computer OS…

I've been able to name presets using my computer and send them to any of the Factors (I've tested this on all 4) and they all work as expected. The name appears after I switch away from that preset and back to it so that the pedal reloads the preset from its stored state. I think this is because after a preset is loaded from storage, the pedal keeps a separate copy in temporary memory and uses this until the preset is saved. This allows you to modify a preset, turn the pedal off then on again, and not lose your changes until you load another preset. This is just like a word processing computer program that saves your changes in a temporary file, thereby allowing you to recover at least some if not all of your work in the event of a power failure.

Also, it's probably a good idea to always restart the Factors after installing any update. Even though the Update Utility does this for you, it's never a bad idea to reboot before beginning any testing or work. Again, the same holds true after updating a computer (PC or Mac).

Also, I have had some difficulty getting FactorLib to comminucate with the pedal if I have MIDI CLK OUT enabled. That holds true for the Update Utility as well. If I disable MIDI CLK OUT, everything works as expected. While this is rather an inconvenience, FactorLib is still a beta version.

Please keep us posted on your results, ok? Every little bit helps…