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Can you explain more clearly what you mean (what you do, what you see, etc). Seems fine to me, so you are probably approaching it differently.

When I reinstalled the new beta, reinitialized and reset the pedal and then went to set up my system parameters I was able to change them all to my settings except when I changed the bypass type to DSP plus EFX and then left it to set up other parameters when I went back and looked it was on DSP again so then I tried numerous times to change it and it wouldn't stay at DSP plus EFX it would always revert back to DSP. After restarting the TimeFactor one more time the DSP plus EFX setting would stay in place after I changed it.

Does that make sense? I guess the moral of the story is if your system settings aren't staying in place after you have reinitialized or reset your factor pedal then restart it one more time and chances are the settings will stick after that.

Like I said It is working now so I'm not going to try and duplicate the issue by going all the way back to square one I was just relaying my experience in case someone else ran into the same thing.