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Eventide Staff

Hi Brock -thanks for a good effort in reporting your problems. But, we cannot duplicate any of it. Presumably there are differences between your setup and ours. So, some tedious questions:

1) What version of OSX ?

2) What version of PF ? You imply 3.0.0[16], but please confirm.

3) Did you either do a [CLEAR SETUP] or a restore Factory Presets after upgrading ?

4) If no in (3), what version did you use to create your custom presets ?

My guess is that all will be fine if you use the latest version of PF and all presets were created by it. There may be issues if you mix presets from one version and software from another. Once we get a clear recipe for this problem we can look into it. Such a problem would probably apply to all of OSX and Win7 and XP.

Note that the UM says that "FactorLib requires Windows XP, service pack 3", so we feel no shame if it does not work without SP3.