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I don't want to leave the impression that these reports are real "problems" for me, Nick. It's a public beta, and my goal is to create / share custom presets that will work across most any user's system.  The answers to your questions:

1)  Mac OSX 10.5.8

2)  3.0.0beta[16].  FactorLib 1.8.

3)  No, and no.

4)  Majority created in 3.0.0beta[0]; a smattering created in 2.3.0[2] (original version at purchase); very few remaining 'factory' presets.

Which brings us to your next comment.  That makes perfect sense; especially if there were radical adjustments made to the code.   I didn't get that kind of result in the jump from 2.3.0[2] to 3.0.0beta[0].  Regarding the WinXP SP3 requirement, I missed that key 'factor' in 3.0.0beta[0] / FactorLib 1.x documentation.  I thought it would be worth repeating here.

There's nothing happening in the 3.0.0beta[16] transition so far that I can't repair, or circumvent .  But if *whatever it is* can get quantified, so much the better for the next iteration.  If you don't mind, Nick, I have a couple of quick questions for you:

1)  I seem to remember a tidbit about having to leave your stompbox at the default System -> MIDI -> SYS ID 1 to communicate with FactorLib.  Holds true for FactorLib 1.8?

2).  On the PitchFactor' end, while uploading a single preset:  Does the MIDI IN/USB port always accept an incoming preset .syx message, or is it 'listening'  for a 'handshake' / sysex header of some kind first?

In the interim (3.0.0beta[0]), I toyed around with a favorite freeware app (Bome's SendSX).  I could send and save a single preset, the whole dump, system settings, etc. TO software, but I never had any success in sending it back to the PF.  Yet, those same saved presets load just fine into FactorLib 1.8.  I tried quite a few combinations the PF's system settings, and scoured your online sysex information (to no avail)..