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Thx for your help on this Tim.  I'm still struggling to find a solution short of midi merge/ thru boxes (which I have no room for–I have 2 full pedalboards as is).  I use a Ground Control Pro into an 8X8 midi interface to control rack gear.  It can send PCs and CCs but I have no way of translating tap tempo into a CC.  That's why I needed the TF to send tapped clock to the MF.  It just seems impossible that there is not an easy way to sync 2 factor pedals on tempo while sending independent PCs to them.  For guys using multiple factor pedals, this is pretty much required, right?  It was suggested early on that I use a "Y" cable with my Aux switch for Tap to send to both MF & TF (while enabling Midi Thru on TF to send PC to MF).  Perhaps this is the easiest/ best solution?  It sure seems easier, lest costly and less wasted space than midi merge/ thru boxes.  

The other option, If I send PCs from controller, would be to send PC to TF & midi merge box, send midi clock out of TF to Midi Merge, and send midi merge to MF.  Have I got this right?