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I can not see how you can do this without a MIDI Merge box and that still may be an issue if all the MIDI

I have a ton of rack gear.  Some pieces generate clock via tap.  My
primary EFX devices are TC G Force, Eventide H8000 & Fractal Axe
Ultra.  I do have 3 Line 6 pro modelers that could also do it.  But, this is
sub-optimal.  I typically use 1 pedal board w/o time based EFX when I'm
using the rack gear.  My "mini rig" has the time-based EFX on a 2nd
pedal board.  It seems to me that I'd be better off just using the midi
merge solution.  But, it sounds like you are expressing some doubt
about this working?  
This was my fallback solution  if nothing else works.  Do you see an issue with this?  If no other solution my plan was to use JUST a midi merge box (don't see need for thru).  Setup would be:

Send PCs from controller to TF & midi
merge box, send midi clock out of TF to Midi Merge, and send midi merge
to MF.  I don't need a midi-thru and this should work,  right?