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Thx.  This is not what I'm looking to do.  I could make it work but I already have my rack stuff fully configured with 2 Switchblades and time based EFX galore.  I need to find a way to make MF & TF work on their own, when I'm not dragging 400# of rack gear around.  That's why I have them.  Clearly I can  go way past what the stomps can do with my rack stuff.  H8000 + Axe Ultra render stomps unnecessary. 

So, I'm back to the top, if you can't do this w/o midi merge, can I make it work like this:

Send PCs from controller to TF & midi
merge box, send midi clock out of TF to Midi Merge, and send midi merge
to MF.  I don't need a midi-thru and this should work,  right?

BTW: you might not want to be so anxious for H8000.  I have both H8000 & Eclipse.  Although the H8000 is in my gig rack, I frequently ask myself why I spent the extra $4K over the Eclipse.  In the studio, for other stuff (great verbs…) it makes sense.  But, if I were buying just for my guitar rack, I think I'd stick w/. the Eclipse.  It is way more "guitar friendly".