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Hi Tim, the issue is that you can set the Clock on the TimeFactor but then with the MF you have a choice that you can have EITHER Clock sync (by setting the TF to OUT) but then you will NOT get PC changes transmitted from the GCP. OR… you can set the TF to THRU…which will transmit the Program changes from the GCP….but will the TF will not transmit the clock out of the THRU….the only way around that I can see is to set both to the same MIDI channel and do something with MIDI maps…but it would be cumbersome.

This is correct.  But, midi merge will do it, right?

Set TF to Midi out, XMT clk to Midi merge from TF

PCs go to TF and merge box via GCP

Clock and PC go to Modfactor from Midi Merge box.