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The split pedal board is huge.  I have a Wet/ Dry/ Wet rig with stereo EFX going to the wet cabs and dry (Pedal board one w/ compression/ drive etc) always going dry to middle amp.  Like you, I switch amps a lot.  I have multiple preamps/ power and several combos.  The key for me is that I always have to have that dry signal.  I want to always hear my amp's tone w/o EFX and mix EFX as necessary in wet cabs.  This is easy on the rack side using multiple Switchblades.  But, the pedals get tricky.  You have to keep time-based efx separate and run dry to dry amp from board 1.  If you haven't tried a setup like this, and can, I highly recommend it.  This was the end result of many years of trying every other scheme and I'm really happy with it.  Everything else I tried (parallel EFX loops, Wet/ Dry…) introduced phase issues.