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I understand this.  If your tempos are programmed (mine are not–I actually tap them in as live tempos are rarely that exact), you could easily send via CC.  But, if your tempos are not pre-programmed, you 1st have to "tap" the tempo into a device that will send midi CC. 

Actually, I think it may be opposite of this. If your tempos are programmed, MIDI Clock would transmit the change when a program change occurs, but CC wouldn't. You're right about having to tap the tempos in via CC, though.

However, since it seems you're wanting to tap the tempo anyway, as makes perfect sense in live situations, if you use one of the instant access switches on the GCP to do so, you can set both the TF and MF to use that CC as the "tap" switch. That doesn't use MIDI Clock, but it doesn't require merging MIDI, either. In the above scenario, you could run the TF MIDI Out as Thru and the PC and CC messages, which would both originate in the GCP, would simply be passed along to the MF.