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I have a feeling there is a way to make this work and we are close.  For me, the compromise of setting same channel on both devices is too big.  I can't reprogram continuously.  IE: I have 7-10 main presets I use on both boxes.  But, I use them in multiple combos and I want to have that flexibility w/o reprogramming.  I am (basically) a "midiot".  But, I know a few gurus.  I'll check further.  Also, for me, midi merge may still be superior solution, even better if sending tempo to one pedal from GCP.

So, to clarify (pardon me if this was already answered), could you:

1.) Send Tempo and PC to  TF from GCP on 1 channel. 

2.) Send PC (on different channel) from GCP to Midi Merge box

3.) Send tempo (no PC) from TF to Midi Merge box  on same channel as (2)

4.) Send Tempo & PC to MF from Midi Merge?

I have a sinking feeling that TF would not transmit clock on a different channel than received but I figured it was wort a shot.

Don't think that will work, let me draw it in a diagram to achieve what I think you are trying to do…