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I'm not sure if it really matters if the TF transmits Clock on the same channel it receives PC because it's not transmitting PC, only Clock, and the MF could be set to receive Omni. So…

GCP transmits PC on channels 1 (for TF) and 2 (for MF)…

TF receives channel 1 and transmits clock on channel 1…

MF receives Omni, and therefore PC on channel 2 and clock on 1.

Also, since there are separate settings in both TF and MF for transmit channel and receive channel, it would seem that both are capable of transmitting on different channels than what they are receiving. So…

GCP transmits PC on channels 1 (for TF) and 2 (for MF)…

TF receives channel 1 and transmits clock on channel 2…

MF receives both PC and Clock on channel 2.

Either way, the results are the same. Of course, the specific channels used would depend somewhat on what other devices are receiving MIDI.


1.) Send Tempo and PC to TF from GCP on 1 channel.

2.) Send PC (on different channel) from GCP to Midi Merge box

3.) Send tempo (no PC) from TF to Midi Merge box on same channel as (2)

4.) Send Tempo & PC to MF from Midi Merge?

1) Yep, sending PC and CC from GCP and setting TF to use the CC as the "tap" source. From Martin's posts, it sounds like you can program the GCP to send PC on multiple channels. CC just needs to be on the same channel that the TF is receiving. The MF would be set to the other channel on which the GCP is transmitting PC.

2) Yep, but you'll need a way to split the MIDI signal from the GCP to both the TF and the merge box.

3) You're right… since the TF doesn't re-transmit PC when received via MIDI, it's only transmitting clock.

4) Yep, the output of the merge would come from both the GCP and the clock that the TF's transmitting.

I'm sure this will make a lot more sense in a diagram. Thanks, Martin, I'll be looking forward to seeing that.