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Thanks!  This is not exactly what I had in  mind.  I was hoping that I could avoid the splitter by sending to Misdisport 8 X 8 in my rack (which distributes all my midi).  So, it would look like attached.  Big ? is whether TF can be set to XMT Midi clock on different channel than it receives???

YES! Big Smile more or less ….(semantics …… but basically the 8×8 is a dumb device and just splits the signal (from what I know) so it does not know  what is CH1 or CH2 etc so it will send all data to all ports)….BUT it should work from what you have said, sorry I thought thr 8×8 and other MIDI stuff was not an option…. it there is other MIDI stuff that is int he chain then you might be able to slave the clock off that,hence my question about what other MIDI stuff you have.

We are getting there… I feels it !Big Smile