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Thx again Martin!  We are, to a great extent, already there.  If I can insert a Midisport 2X 2 (so don't have to use Rack) but still do same thing utilizing my 8×8 (when using rack), I've covered both situations.  So, really, with the addition of midi merge box, we've answered my OP.  I was looking for a solution with no box.  But, having seen that the midisolutions box requires no power (another issue for me since I have 3 x PP2+ all full up), that will work.

Taking it to the next level: GCP providing tempo for multiple devices, is a new challenge.  How to turn cc to clock…  I believe I have devices that will do this.  I think all my Line 6 Pro modelers do this.   But, I'll have to take a look.   I believe we've just confirmed that TF/ MF do this, right?  I think Eclipse may do this, doesn't it?  I'll have to do some investigation.  There must be a way.  If I could have one tap tempo source providing CC tempo/ clock to all devices I'd be a happy camper (and I'd be dancing a lot less!).  I'm a fool for delays.  So, I have a bunch.   Now, if only I could figure a way to get clock to my vintage DMMs!