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You guys should be happy, considering my horror story.  I decided to upgrade my 3 eventide stomp boxes.  I am always afraid to do upgrades, I had only upgraded the Pitchfactor to the early beta(0) up to today.  Well the Timefactor and Modfactor went well, but my Ptichfactor failed to upgrade, the utility told me to try again.  I did, again and again.  I tried a different computer, different cables, everything they suggest and more.  But now I am a Pitchfactor that does not work, and will not upgrade.  I worked fine yesterday.  I have contacted them by email, but unless someone knows of some secret remedy (I figure near 0% probability) I am going to have to send it back.  Fortunately it is in warranty, but I am not a happy camper over all this.  And am doubtful that I would attempt any upgrade in the future when I am out of warranty, after this experience.  I would think it was a defective unit, except that it worked fine before the upgrade attempt.  Any miracles that anyone can pull out of their hat here?