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Thanks for your quick response Tim. Here you go:

1) The Midi clock on this unit was on, I used it as master for the other two units.  I don't recall seeing anything in the instructions saying to turn that off before upgrading.  However I am not able to enter system mode to change anything now, at least not in your prescribed fashion.  I can only go into update mode using the middle switch.  Any other combination of switches (such as right foot and encoder) on start up result in the lights turning on for a second, and then turning off, the unit going dead.

2) I get this error when trying to update(or something very similar).  It occurs in the write phase.

Error Updating Device    Please reboot your device and try updating again

The error occurs at different % complete on every try.  Once it got to 70%, but generally it fails at anywhere from 10% to 30% complete.

3) I am using the version 1.6 Build 13 of the utility, the most recent I believe, I just downloaded it.

4) I have tried two different computers, both Windows XP Professional, both up to date.  I tried different USB cables.  I disconnected all other USB devices, and shut down all other programs, everything you instructed.

5) My computers are not the highest powered or newest.  However I had no problems upgrading the firmware on my Timefactor and Modfactor today.

Thank you: