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Hey, Frank! I'm glad to hear you got it working again. Jerome may have been correct, or there may have been a number of elements that just came together at the wrong time.

From your second post, to me, it sounded a lot like behaviors I've seen when MIDI CLK OUT is ON. The way it's been explained to me is that some early USB 2.0 controllers (part of the computer) just can't handle the clock messages. That causes them to either empty or corrupt their message buffers and the end result is that the EUU loses contact with the pedal and the update dies. Unfortunately, that *is* a hardware problem with the USB controller (not with any of Eventide's hardware), and the only way to fix it is either getting a new USB controller or a new computer.

Fortunately, there is a simple way around it… just make sure you turn off MIDI CLK OUT before attempting an update. That applies to all factors, not just PF, and I've seen it happen with FactorLib, too, albeit with less-catastrophic results (they just won't talk to each other in this case).

That's not to say that Jerome doesn't have a point. A power spike or fluctuation, a short in a cable, a bit of oxidation in the USB jacks or plugs, any of that could have potentially occurred.

I'm just glad, as I'm sure you are, that your PF is once again functional. Just remember to check the MIDI CLK setting next time and maybe look for a less stormy day. (I have no idea where you are, but where I am, we've been getting pounded by strong storms and tornados all night. Ah, just joys of spring… but I digress).