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Billy sorry I didn't realize you'd reset and reinitialized back to factor settings. It 's taken some people several tries to get it to work so I'd keep trying

Update the pedal one more time then reset the pedal AND reinitialize back to factory presets, both things are in the manual. After that I bet you will have all of the names and all of the factory presets, that's the only way I could the patch names to work. If that does work then I'd save the whole reinitialized factory library back over to FactorLib so you have a fresh uncorrupted copy of all of the factory patches.

At that point you could edit the parameters on the pedal to get all of YOUR patches back, save on the pedal then save those over to the FactorLib as a new library. You should be able to name the patches from FactorLib or on the pedal but you have to remember to save them back and forth so everything's been updated in both places (both in FactorLib and the pedal).

I still think somewhere along the way you're trying to send your old presets from the FactorLib and it's corrupted the patch names on the pedal, this happened to me too. The only way I could get it to work was to totally go back to square one which sucked a little because I lost a few patches but I didn't have that many and I've slowly been getting them back but now EVERYTHING is working so it was worth it to me.

I really hope this helps!! Give it another try.