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You're welcome. I hope it doesn't take long to get your pedal back. Let us know, ok?

Tim/Fellow Forumites–

It was a bad pot. Eventide fixed the problem, and the turnaround time was roughly a week. All in all, a pretty quick fix, and I have no complaints about the service.Communication was excellent, and the turnaround time was quick.

The only drag–in my view, at least–is that it did cost me $100. I understand that warranties expire, but my pedal had hardly any use. Once I really started using the pedal, my pot failed. Should a pot fail that quickly? Not in my estimation. It makes me question the quality of the pots that were used in the pedal, and I do expect more for my money. If 2 more pots should fail in the MF, then I might as well buy a new one, since I'd be out $300 total for repairs once all is said and done.

My humble request is that Eventide makes sure to use the highest quality components in these pedals. $100 isn't the end of the world, and I did get upgraded switches, too, which is part of Eventide's standard service on these pedals, if you happen to have the older ones, as I did. But I am sort of on edge now waiting for something else to go wrong with the MF or one of my other Factor pedals…and I really hope that's not what I'm in store for.