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The Earforce amp has a level meter for the FX Loop, like every common parallel loop has. Difficult to say how much it is in db, i would suggest around 3-6db. The only other pedal that I have in the loop is an Akai Headrush 2 and with that I don't have any problems.

I haven't checked that so far. I will do that next week at tne next band practice.

In the meantime I updated the Pitchfactor to Version 3b16 and put it in the loop of my Orange Rockerverb 50 at home. I wanted to try out how different input/output settings will affect the peak on the level meter but to my surprise the peak never came close to the vertical bar, it wasn't even visible for most of the time! However the Volume is clearly higher when input / output are set to guitar / amp compared to line / line.

Also the Tuner is absolutely unusable as it doesn't seem to get enough input.

Could that mean that something with the PF is definitively wrong or is it again the FX Loop? The Rockerverb has a series FX Loop that is not adjustable.