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Here you go, 

to be honest the easies way I found was to just get the equipment and play, if you come from an IT background then it is very easy to get going…. I am no expert! LOL

PC = Program Changes …. preset changes

CC = Continuous Controller Changes – things like Tap Tempo, preset bypass, tuner…things that are more global

MIDI Channels = Assign 1 to each device, so Space might be 1, TimeFactor 2 andModFactor 3.

You can then set your controller to say send PC 1 to MIDI Channel 1 this would set the Space to the Hall preset and leave the other in their present state.

another button on your controller might send PC2 to MIDI Chanel 1 and PC5 to MIDI Channel 2… in this example it would change Space to Room and TimeFactor to 3:1 Guitars in Space.

As I said I do not know the MIDI controller you are talking about, but that is the basic principal for the MIDI Controllers I have used with the Factor pedals

Hope that helps.