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I can totally understand your points, I was a windows administrator for years, am actually an IT enterprise consultant by Profession…. not a developer though…purely infrastructure. I moved to Mac's at home as I have totally had enough of PC's by the time I get home, I ended up faffing in windows more than I did creating music…no regrets in moving to Mac …I can not see me going back for home use and like you say install a virtualization tool an you can have the best of both worlds,  although I am always surprised how little I use windows, in fact every time I do it has loads of updates to install as it has been so long LOL.

Coming from an IT Administration background (Active Directory, Group Policies, SMS, SCCM etc) I was really surprised at the lack of tools available to manage macs in an enterprise….it must be a nightmare, especially before OSX, for exactly the reasons you mentioned. unless you are in an environment like the apple stores where they seem to jump start them back to default every night. I also used to work for the country's largest cellphone network provider and beta tested lots of different platforms and units, so I have had exposure to most devices and platforms of the last 10 years in that capacity.

anyhoo, back to the question IOS v Android…

There are far more audio tools available for IOS, not just due to the market penetration, but also due to the lack of decent MIDI and AUDIO support in the Android framework.

I have read lots of discussion around the core audio and MIDI support in the OS is close fast enough to be useful in prosumer audio music setups…the latency is just horrible. People are always hoping that there will be improvement in the next release…but it has not happened so far.

The other issue with android is the fragmentation of devices, ie although the core OS is standard as soon as it gets to the vendor that add their own stuff which can be good and bad, different screen sizes, speed of processor etc…again there were some developments in the latest gingerbread OS that was supposed to address fragmentation,