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Has anyone had issues with the EV-5/PF combo … as time goes on it will only reach 95-85 in the toe position

As a matter of fact, yes I have.  Quite a lot.  It has nothing to do with the side-mounted 'trim" pot position, either.  (I bypassed it as a test on one EV-5 pedal.)  And it's not isolated to the PitchFlex algorithm only.  After some repeated use , it may lock to a range of 0-86, or 0-99 (version 3.0.0[19] installed).

If you carefully remove (just) the expression pedal plug, you'll see the display "snap" to 100 (or full single value) briefly.  After plugging the EV-5 back in, I find that the full 0-100 range holds again for some time.  I'm not sure how often it happens, but it's enough to be irritating.  On rare occasions, I've had to power-down the PF to get the combination 'behaving' again.

I've been assigning a MIDI CC to the PED destination in the System settings, and that proves to be very reliable.  But I still use an expression pedal direct-to-PF as well.  Root cause of the problem?  That's puzzling.  The only thing 'unusual' about the EV-5 is the 10K pot, and that auxiliary trim.  If it's on the PitchFactor end, it's difficult to reproduce the conditions that can cause the problem to recur 'on demand'.