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Gio Makyo

> In this short time the wire insulation just where the cable goes into the transformer has cracked revealing the conductors. THIS IS NOT GOOD

I have to second this opinion, unfortunately. I had my Timefactor freak out during a live performance the other night ; power suddenly cut out, then came back on, and immediately cut out again, and it just kept going like this and would not start up properly, even if unplugged and re-started. Needless to say, this really wrecked my set!!!! Upon closer examination, I found the same thing as described above: the wires were exposed at the point immediately next to the thicker protection for the cable as it enters the power supply. (I'd be happy to send over a photo of this if your team would like an example of where this is fraying.)

To put this in some perspective, I've had the Timefactor for about a year and a half, and I only play out about once every two months, the rest of the time it's plugged into the same wall outlet, so this hasn't seen extremely heavy usage. I must say I have never seen as thin and weak a cable on a piece of gear designed for live usage before — let's be frank:  this is clearly he downside of "Made in China".

Eventide sound quality is first rate, no complaints there, and I'm glad I bought this unit. But reliability is also quite important, and with parts as fragile as this, I'm starting to think twice about picking up the Space reverb now, which I was looking forward to. Has Eventide addressed this problem?

Also, since I now need a new adapter, is it possible to buy this separately as a replacement part? 

Thanks in advance.