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So, I carefully took the TimeFactor apart. Cleaned every speck of dust and reassembled. Reloaded the latest firmware and then did a factory reset. So far, so good. I haven't tested extensively (i.e. at a rehearsal or live show) but the issue seems to have gone away. Hopefully I'm not speaking too soon…

The weird thing is that, of course, I had already tried updating the firmware and re-initializing so my guess is that something changed when I opened the unit up, looked around, undid the ribbon cable, looked some more, plugged the ribbon back in and screwed it all together again. We'll see if it stays fixed. 🙂 I'll post my results in a weeks time.

As for brock… B-Rock? Tom Brockway? The gator wrestler? Yes, I am still in the "land down under" and still have the pre-Belew super Parker Fly but mostly play a custom made "tree trunk with Bigsby" in with my latest (non-electronica) band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QsiNls4UUY

Actually, the above video was taken at the gig my TF first started acting up. Stick out tongue Look me up on Skype, brock, would love to catch up! Should have known I'd find you wherever the coolest sound toys are…