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Xia Qing

Thanks Farmer and Russell.  Here is what I am thinking…

If only there was a way of hearing this slapback on a synth and a wet/dry mix!  There's a youtube video of a Buchla going through the TF "Digidly" preset (or algorithm), but it doesn't show a wet/dry comparison.

I hear you about reverb.  I just got a Space to run through an analog setup here in the studio and it sounds very, VERY BIG.  This is good. =)

I ran the Nord Lead 3 through the Space… not what I was looking for, though.

More than reverb, I want delay for the Nord.  The reverb is reserved for that crazy analog setup.  The thing is, there are so many other less expensive delay pedals out there that will apparently run at line level (I don't want to use a bunch of boxes etc. to run a synth through a guitar pedal), but I like the Eventide sound.  It is very clear and it doesn't "color" a signal much.  Bypass is well setup on the Space.  My analog setup does not suffer at all from usual symptoms of digitization when it goes through the Space.

There are even analog delays out there, and while guitars sound great through this video (as youtube effectively illustrates 100s of times), I have no idea how the TF sounds when it is present in a synth's signal path.  I have plenty of synths with basic delay, but the TF is supposed to be out of this world.  I have no way of trying this out for myself.

Regarding that last note, I must add one more thing.  Although I could try one out my local GC, I have never used one.  I would prefer to hear an expert use it with a synth so that I can hear the pedal's potential.  It is not as simple as turning a filter knob, sweeping a wavetable with an LFO, or any other common application of basic subtractive synthesis involving a clearly laid out synth (think Moog Voyager, Nord Lead, or even Dave Smith MEK).  The knobs on the TF mean something completely different from one algorithm to another, so I am not going to assume the burden of learning a pedal, testing it in store after spending a while with the manual, with the risk of saying "no, this doesn't do it for me."  I (and plenty of other synth heads, I'm sure) would prefer to make my decision after watching someone preferably from Eventide or an experienced user incentivized by Eventide actually use a Factor pedal on a synth.

So, could either of you point me in the right direction to hear or watch a video of someone who could play a mean keyboard (and a slower, not-so-mean keyboard consisting of just chords or simple arpeggios) through a TF?  The Nord Lead and drum machine video of the kid playing his synth and machine through a TF was not very illustrative of what the pedal can do (though it is a nice video).  =)


Eventide, let's try to upsell stompboxes to synth players.  You have that line level switch in the back which, among other things, makes it possible to use your products with synths.  Sell me the Factors!  Smile

I just want to add more than basic delay to my Nord.  I have Cubase for the simple stuff.  Your TFs appear to offer a unique twist on delay, but I can't hear it because there is no way to listen to it.

Thanks in advance.

Xia Qing.