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The problem I found is that it won't sound the same in stereo as it does in mono. I run mine in mono with the output only hooked up to the output 2 jack, not the 1 (mono) jack. That gives the both throaty type sound and is also the setup capable of cancelling out all the way by use of the MDO knob. If you had it set up that way you would be able to set the MDO knob to 49 or less depending on how close you wanted it to come to cancelling out. 

Since you're in stereo you might wanna try either the Jet flanger or some of the Phaser types, which might have a better throaty sound in stereo. Or possible the vocal wah setting with an auto sweep. I thought there was actually one of them in the new presets when they expanded to 50 banks a while ago, but I haven't messed with that since last year so I don't remember.