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"So that's got me thinking about the CC values of the PF parameters and settings that you're working on. That would be a *really* nice piece of information to have organized all together and not just pulled in pieces from what's in the UM. I'd be really interested in seeing that, actually not just the PF but for all the Factor pedals, so if you wouldn't mind, I might like to help you out with that at some point."

That would be HUGE!

I'm contemplating a midi controller just to select effects, the user interface on the 'Factors drives me completely buggy. 

Was playing a gig last night and had a really nice vintage delay setting on my TF that I was using on one song. Went to use it again and I must have stepped on the wrong button, but I could never get it back. I have to limit my efx to 2 or 3 so I can step through them sequentially, the names sometimes appear and disappear… Display is hard to read… Ugh. Really not well implemented.

So, I am looking for some other way to do this and a midi controller seems the best way to be able to address my 3 'Factors and set them the way I want.

Any progress on this information??!!