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Enlightening thread.  I had no idea that the MP-201 was being phased out.  I've researched it obsessively, always thought that the issues linked by imekat above were largely addressed in Version 2, and come this_close to buying one on many occasions.  Largely, it would be to consolidate some functions of my current setup, with a milder interest in converting the CV output to control other pedals.  Those EG parameters are enticing.


Anybody out there doing this?? Or something like it with other hardware???

My combination has a Lexicon MPX-1 for the control stuff [tempo, LFOs, envelopes, S&H, etc.], followed by a FCB-1010 for expression pedal(s), patch changes, static CC values, etc.  That's the head of the MIDI stream; distributed to the various audio processors downstream.  The MPX-1 (MIDI-channelized) controller information merges with all of the (MIDI-channelized) per-switch functions via the FCB-1010's Soft THRU setup.

Something like that isn't going to 'feed" those CV devices of yours, but I point out my routing to give you some ideas about alternative options over MIDI.  The 5 simultaneous program changes cover my pedalboard, and the programmable CC values are perfect for 'Factor pedals.  I use the two MIDI 'expression' pedals in a more global sense, as the individual 'boxes all have their 'local' expression pedals, switches, and / or auxiliary switches.

There's more to it on the rack than that {MIDI rack effects, MIDI router, sequencer, keyboard-specific routings], but that's not pertinent here.  I'd be interested in your take (or anyone else's) on the CV applications of the 'Factor pedals.  Only a passing mention is given in the UM.   Maybe we can kick around some schematics on how to design 'safe' connections to the various voltage ranges out there.  0-3V always struck me as odd, but no stranger than – say – a Pigtronix Philosopher King using a 2-12VDC range.