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Thanks, David. I did a bit of research and experimentation. This post in the ET forums confirms that the TimeFactor wants a voltage range of 0 – 3.3V for the expression pedal, returning on the tip of the cable. 

So I took my MP201 and set up a unipolar channel like so:

Channel Mode: Expression
Heel value: 0
Toe value: 2750
Initial value: 1375
Chan Output: CV and MIDI

I plugged a TRS cable into the CV output for that channel, connected it to a multimeter, and measured the voltage from the tip to the sleeve. With the pedal heel down, it output 0V or close to it (occasionally 0.1). With the pedal toe down, it output roughly 3.3V. This is roughly in line with what's described on page 21 of the MP201 user manual.

Based on all of this, it seems like I should be able to plug that TRS cable into the TimeFactor's expression pedal jack, and have it work the way it's supposed to. Does that make sense? I'm a little afraid of frying my TimeFactor. 

But I still don't understand why it doesn't respond properly to the MIDI control messages. If I just wanted an expression pedal, I could get one for much less than the cost of an MP201 and it would take up a lot less space on the board to boot. In what ways have you had success using the MP201 with the TimeFactor?

And is anyone from Eventide reading this who could confirm that I won't kill my pedal if I try this?