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I missed this thread as Gmail spam filtered half my Eventide Forum posts!

Great info. It seems so weird that companies hide what all options can be used for their expression jacks. Refreshingly I notice that EHX say what CV to set to as well as the usual (and unhelpful) X brand as an example. Can you explain how you work out what the pedals require? I have other stompboxes with expression pedal input and would be good to trigger them from the MP-201 as well.

Re MIDI responsiveness: My findings for the factor pedals and MIDI are in this post: http://forum.eventide.com/cs/forums/p/7482/33573.aspx Re. Eclipse: I do not own one, but I do have an H8000FW and that's MIDI responsiveness is, if anything worse than the Factors. 

And I second that  if anyone from eventide can you confirm the use of CV at the values stated will work and not cause damage to the pedal.