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Thanks, Sebastian — I had actually read your post when I first started researching this, and it was very helpful. I did exactly what you suggested. Each pedal has its own channel, and the MP201 is sending only one stream of control messages for the expression pedal. If the MP201 is connected directly to the pedal it works reasonably well, although again, it never really reaches full on or full off, even if a CC127 or CC0 is sent. 

What's really weird is what happens when I plug the MP201 into the MIDIsport and set it to merge. Even if NOTHING is connected to the other side of the MIDIsport, the TF ignores the vast majority of the CC messages. A MIDI analyzer shows the same messages being sent with roughly the same timing, but the TF doesn't respond.

So I don't know. The MP201 is doing its job exactly, and I'll try using the CV as the expression pedal output. As you said in your post, the LED status indication is pretty nice, so if I could have essentially four expression pedals on one device with an indicator for where each one was, that might not be bad. And hopefully it will be more useful with other devices (keyboards, Kaoss pad, EHX2880). 

Have you had any luck at least being able to change banks with the MP201's program change commands?