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i wonder what this means for TDM stuff as well.  it appears the new DSP cards for avid are quite powerful and aren't going to go away so i'm sure all the TDM plugs will jump to the new format sooner or later..  it could be a tough time for some developers making yet another format – depending on how easy/difficult avid has made it to get from TDM to whatever the new format is.. also, it appears the new format replaces RTAS??? so maybe that means there will be one less format at some point.. but it's not like every pro tools user is gonna jump on the update and rock the boat on what is probably their stable system. plus,the updates aren't exactly inexpensive for the average user. updates for the HD version is like $999 or something.

so, it's 'clear as mud' as to what this means for native versions of the anthology bundle. i hope there is a silver lining somewhere.. it would be really great to have these as native plugs inside logic/live etc and not be chained to a DSP dongle 🙂