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I had a Midimate and spent ages trying to get TapTempo to work, bottom line is that it will not work as the Midimate can only act as a "latching" switch for midi cc so the first press sends a value of 127 for on and then on second press it sends a value of 0 for off. The Eventide, and most other midi units I have come across, need a momentary set up where 127 is sent when you press the button and  0 is sent when you release the button.

So the problem is that only half of the presses register as beats… So your tempo will be half of what you tap in.

I spoke with rock from and they confirmed that there is no way to change this on the Midimate.

There is also no way to alter how the Eventide boxes work either. 

I ended up buying a more capable controller to be able to get this to work.