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I know this thread isn't so curent anymore, but I want to caution others about my experience with the Alesis FS2 Expression/Volume pedal:  I got it for next to nothing so I can't complain much, though it must not have the proper pot values/etc… It simply doesn't change TF values from 0 until the pedal is roughly half way through its range of travel(!)… From that point it is too sensitive incrementally, jumping up to 100/etc. without much hope for fine adjustment.

I believe our Tech Mods here explained that it's a result of incompatible component values inside the exprs. pedal's circuitry(?)  Its easy enough to get at all those inside components if u aren't worried about potentially ruining the pedal by ur own amateur tinkering skills :-p  Any advice as to proper values of the components that could make the FS2 useable with Factor pedals? If a few $ components can bring it out of my junk bin… wunderbar!