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Hi Farrell,

The H3000 has around 20 algorithms.  The Mod Factory and Patch Factory algorithms are all based on the idea of different  modules which you can patch together to create your own sounds.  Because of this, you can create a large number of different presets, from delays to pitch shifters, to chorus, dynamics, and special effects.  Since the Factory plug-in only recreates those 3 algorithms, it will include a large number of presets from the H3000, but only the ones based on those 3 algorithms.  At this time, I don't yet know what the full compliment of presets will be for the Factory Plug-in.

We don't have any video tutorials for the H3000, unfortunately, but we are working to put the original manual online for you.

Unfortunately, I also don't know those specific sounds.  Perhaps when we get closer to the product release I can take a closer look for you.