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Hi Neil,

I think the long term plan is to eventually do the entire Anthology II bundle, but I'm hesitant to promise as much because I just don't know.  Even if we do do the entire bundle, it won't be for quite a while and we may have to have a cross-grade price simply because of the amount of work involved.

Since we've been porting these plug-ins one at a time, we've been using the same license as the current individual plug-ins which makes the plug-in free to current owners of those individual licenses, so if you own a "Factory" license in iLok.com, you'll be able to just download the new installer and use it in TDM or Native.  Because we can't take away your "Anthology II" license (without you losing the ability to use Anthology II), we can't do the same thing with Anthology II users.  So what we've chosen to do is offer aggressive cross-grade pricing which allows you to keep you Anthology II license and use A2 on TDM, plus allows you to get a full Omnipressor license which allows you to run Omnipressor Native or TDM.  The idea being, if you have A2 and only ever use Omnipressor, you can crossgrade to Omnipressor and sell your A2 license.

The short story is this.  We're really happy to be making Native Plug-ins, but it's going to take a while and we're kind of playing it by ear.  We want to make the best plug-ins out there and we want you to use them on all your tracks.  We also really appreciate all of our current users who've been using them for years and want to make sure they have every opportunity to continue doing so, while hopefully also bring out some new plug-ins for you all to use.

I hope this crazy long response to your short question was clear.  Let me know if it wasn't.