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I picked up an unrelated harmonizer in the meantime to practice vocal harmonizing. (I still plan to get an Eventide product). Using the practice unit, I learned that of all the 100's of harmonizing possibilities, the only one that I really need is the feature where I can sing in a mike, hold a swanky 8-voice jazz chord on a MIDI keyboard, and hear my singing harmonized to that chord.

Will the native version of Anthology II do this? If not, does an old Eventide H3000 hardware unit do this?  I read the Eventide H3000 manual, but is MIDI and Parameter Modulation chapter does not detail such capability. It only says "MIDI notes could be used to set the amount of pitch shift. … See the chapter of Parameter Modulation." where it adds nothing more. (Is such MIDI-based pitch shifting monophonic? Polyphonic? Restricted to a scale? How many voices? Go guess.)