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OK that's quite a lot to take in and visualise and it's really useful detail so thanks for that.

However I fix broken parts of cities for a living and have a personality type works from the bigger picture down to the detail.  That means I struggle to join the dots unless I know what the dots are supposed to show.

Could you give me an example that I could work from? For example, how to get the I Feel Love patch (basically a IV/I/mIII sequence)?  I know theoretically how to set the MPXG2 up to transmit cc messages but  haven't needed to do it yet.  I'm not sure how to set the PF up to receive as I've only had mine for 4 weeks.  But I'm guessing that if I access the MIDI menu , I can get set the receive channel.  After that, I have no clue.

If we took the I Feel Love line for example, I'd like to understand what cc messages I need to programme in order to get the expected outcome. I (and perhaps others) may be able to take the same process and extrapolate it to other situations.