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If we took the I Feel Love line for example, I'd like to understand what cc messages I need to programme in order to get the expected outcome.

Not a problem.  I'll need a little free time to formulate the step-by-step process on both the MPX and PitchFactor ends.  Generally, you have to set up a MIDI controller message for every outgoing 'note' that you don't want to play.  The 'I Feel The Love' bassline is right on the border of where I might switch from the MPX to a looping sequencer.

If you were playing the root – fifth – octave of each key modulation on the bass, I'd just use a fast tremolo (maybe with a ramp shape) to process the audio with sharp attacks.  Playing just the root of each phrase …. I might still 'shape' the attacks, and generate the fifths and octaves over MIDI.

With relatively simple phrases like this, there may be a formula for using the HarPeggiator mode plus MIDI to achieve it.  Let me play around with the combinations, and write down all of the parameter setups that are 'automatic' to me (things that I've worked out in the past).