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a square wave driven envelope filter to chop up the signal into 16th notes … don't have as much attack and decay to them.

A few quick thoughts on that:  The PW control on the LFOs will skew the peak value of the waveform to the 'left or right'.  It's available on any LFO waveform, and will reshape it.  The default is 50%.  A setting of 0 on a triangle LFO produces a sawtooth shape (fastest attack; slowest decay), while 100% will ramp it (slow attack; fast decay).

Try a PW of 0 on your square LFO, or on triangle, sine, cosine for different decay characteristics.  You might want to control a spare Volume module with the same LFO as the filter.  That should give you a snappier attack.  Occasionally, I'll control a little bit of noise or a complex waveform in the same way (much shorter pulse), to simulate a pick attack.

The "I Feel The Love" breakdown is still in progress …