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The weird thing is, having bought an actual hardware H3000 instead of waiting for the plugins any further, only one of this OS 1.53 unit's presets does MIDI-controlled pitch shifting, #211 Rock 'N' Roll. And even this preset does it only monophonically. Hmmm.

I tried to see what makes this preset work with MIDI unlike the others. No gratification around the Function key, the MIDI settings seems to be common to all H3000 presets.

So I moved on to the Parameter key, looked at various parameters of preset 211, what makes it MIDI pitch shift. I copied the likeliest culprit, the "Last note & PW = 7.0 Ch +0" value to other presets. Still no pitch shift by MIDI keys pressed on any other preset. Not even monophonically, let alone in polyphony.

I just don't get it. Doesn't H3000's pitch shift polyphonically by MIDI note at all? Is it a function of only later models, like the H3000D/SE, or H3500 or whatever? But they were called harmonizers since day one. I'm lost.