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kevin hunter

Hi BMF, OhSoInsane

A long time ago I posted the same question about my Musicom EFX 2 and now I am using the EFX 3 with no result, but you have come up with the best applications. The only thought is the 2×2 Midi sport is USB powered how would I power that on my pedalboard?

How did the 1 x 3  TS / TRS splitter work it sounds the simplest to setup out of the expression pedal to the splitter then to the factor pedals.  Would 1 x 4 work on all 3 and the space pedal. controlling 4 pedals at the same time? and less midi programming more guitar playing.  🙂 I was told it might damage the Eventide pedals..?? is this so? 

The downside of the is that EFX it does not have any capability to save or backup programming and loading them back again.   

I think the midisolutions look best. but I would like to try the 1 x 4 splitter cable setup first. 

How did your setup work OhSoInsane? 

Thank you.