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Hi Kevin,

i think the "May Damage" bit is more around mixing other manufacturers, if other people use different methods, such as the moog pedals…then that might cause a problem….is my personal understanding.

I moved away from using the TRS method as in the end and although I planned to use it for three….I only ever ended up using it for 2 pedals at the same time…. In practice I found that a 2 channel expression pedals was more suited to what I needed to do.

The reason I moved? It was too much agro to remove control from patches I did not want to hav controlled by the expression pedal …. In the way I used them.

i found that MIDI was the way to go for what I wanted, so I stopped using the TRS splitter I had made…. It is now a paperweight in my paperless office 🙂

but in my experience it does work, but it might just control more than you bargained for…especially if you use stock or modified stock presets.