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I've been shifting through some of the manuals from older bits of hardware to try and figure out what each effect is doing. In a way though I guess it's kind of fun – I see each algorithm as a puzzle and I'm always learning more and more theory which lets me use them in a more-informed way.

As for Chorus, I go straight to Harmodulator/Micropitch/H910 on the Pitchfactor for that…

Good approach to take.  You might find this link as interesting as I did, then.  It took a bit of searching, but the Clockworks Legacy User Guide is loaded with information on the original 'Eventide' Phaser, Flanger, Omnipressor, plus H910 & H949 harmonizers.

Although intended as a companion for the plug-ins, I found it to be an invaluable source for the Stompbox line, too.  The feature sets of the 'Factor pedals are much deeper, but this manual gives you an idea of how the 'classics' were constructed (and later emulated in the Stompbox algorithms).

For example:  Use the H949-1 algorithm for smaller pitch ratios, and H949-2 for more extreme pitch shifts.  The tradeoff?  H949-2 is glitch-free but adds degrees of coloration.  Use H949-1 for more clarity & intentional glitching on wide shifts.  Or dial in the exact delay combinations found in the original  'switched delay' design.